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9.11 14 Years Later

I was doing the television side of my job on 9.11 2001 – I shot very few images with my nikon film camera – these are just a few from that week. Being a New Yorker and watching my skyline fall was very traumatic for me.



Katrina 10 Years Later

I spent some time during and after Katrina mostly in New Orleans – I didn’t get the chance to shoot many stills (I was wearing my Television photojournalist hat). But, here are a few that I did manage to get.KATRINA AFTER 8 KATRINA AFTER 10 KATRINA AFTER 9 KATRINA AFTER 7 KATRINA AFTER 6 KATRINA AFTER 5 KATRINA AFTER 4 KATRINA AFTER 3 KATRINA AFTER 2 KATRINA AFTER 1

Katrina Me with the big camera

Katrina – I’m the guy with the camera

Inauguration Day 2005

copyright pat bourque photography 2005

copyright pat bourque photography 2005

This is a scanned slide (and has been cleaned up in photoshop) from the second George W. Bush Inauguration – Jan 20,2005.
It was the last time I covered a presidential inguration – this was one of my favorite images of the day – it’s a piece of atmosphere – it was cold and snowed – Alot.
But, this event is always a time of inspiration – no matter what party you belong to.