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Halloween Treat

What a great way to have fun around Halloween – shooting models in Victorian dress (corsets https://timeless-trends.com/ ) and (wonderful birds http://www.adventureswithraptors.com/ ) The models are Roxanna, Mel, Eighty and Michaela. The birds are Diablo the Yellow Headed Vulture, Shy Anne the Eurasian Eagle Owl and Cairo the Pharaoh Owl.WEDSC_1268 wMHDSC_1143 WMKDSC_1125 WRHDSC_1204


Baltimore LED Arts Billboard

I have 6 Images on the LED Billboard in the Station North Arts District. 3 images of models and 3 from traveling. The billboard is located on Charles Street near Penn Station. http://ledbaltimore.com/

I’m really excited for this – Thank you Baltimore

DSCF3292 DSCF3293 DSCF3294 DSCF3295 DSCF3297 DSCF3301

9.11 14 Years Later

I was doing the television side of my job on 9.11 2001 – I shot very few images with my nikon film camera – these are just a few from that week. Being a New Yorker and watching my skyline fall was very traumatic for me.


Katrina 10 Years Later

I spent some time during and after Katrina mostly in New Orleans – I didn’t get the chance to shoot many stills (I was wearing my Television photojournalist hat). But, here are a few that I did manage to get.KATRINA AFTER 8 KATRINA AFTER 10 KATRINA AFTER 9 KATRINA AFTER 7 KATRINA AFTER 6 KATRINA AFTER 5 KATRINA AFTER 4 KATRINA AFTER 3 KATRINA AFTER 2 KATRINA AFTER 1

Katrina Me with the big camera

Katrina – I’m the guy with the camera

United States And Marriage Equality

On my recent trip to South Dakota – I went to Mount Rushmore and was caught in a heavy downpour with hail. I caught this image of the American Flag and rainbow as the storm was ending. This just weeks after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality.  I couldn’t help seize the moment as these 2 symbols merged.


Gladys Magazine – August 2015

Hi – a short plug – I have 6 images in the August 2015 “Beauty Issue” of Gladys Magazine http://www.gladysmagazine.com which is out now, I had the pleasure of working11781595_10153486452689127_4801456914380052238_n GladysBI1530 GladysBI1532 with 2 models Anna Katana (silk dress by Michelle Murphy  https://www.facebook.com/stonewellstudio?pnref=lhc )  and Whitney Johnson. Enjoy

Lili Roquelin

A quick screen grab from today
Shooting with singer/songwriter Lili Roquelin at a small club in Greenwich Village , NY (Cafe Vivaldi)
Lighting was a challenge- but there was nice soft daylight coming from the window by the piano