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Five Spires – Frederick, MD

Frederick, Maryland. There is a certain spot along N. Bentz St at Baker Park to view a Clustered Spires of Churches (All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Trinity Chapel, Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church and St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church). A great local spot for photography and artists.

This image was created around Halloween just as the sun was beginning to set. Using my Nikon D500 and a 200mm lens and a shutter speed of 250 to hold detail.

No Cicadas Today

Took the cameras out for awhile in search of some cicadas – I found a bunch but nothing very interesting. I shot some 17 years ago with film. Every where you look anyone with a camera or a phone is posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tic Toc. I am looking for something different – something worth framing, so it’s a hunt. Until then enjoy this Dragonfly from The Outer Banks. Nikon D800 and a macro lens.


As I prepare to move my studio space to a more user friendly location tomorrow. I was going back over some of the images from the old studio. This image is from a fun shoot I did with my model friend Anya, here in Baltimore.

We pulled together this “Kill Bill” (esk) look. Many outfits, props and backdrops have come and gone over the years. I try not to reuse any of them. But, both the screens and swords have appeared a few times (all those have been retired.


Model and friend Rachel in Old Frederick, Maryland. The image was taken in the last few minutes of evening golden hour – last October. I used just natural light with my Nikon D800 and a 70-200mm lens. Rachel and I shoot together just for the fun of it – the experiment this time was for Rachel was reciting poetry. WE got some wonderful images. I’ll post more sometime soon.


Once again flashing back to the concert photography days, in hopes that slowly but surely will come back. This was an intimate concert with Ruut https://www.ruutdemeo.com/music a few years ago (2019). I don’t recall posting these before, but I hope you enjoy them. Nestled in the woods at an amazing cozy venue called Thorpwood. https://thorpewood.org/baltimore-wedding-experience-show/

Urban Sunflowers

Shot a few years back with my Fuiji – I just love the energy.


Had a fun evening a dew summers ago running around Mt Vernon, Baltimore on an incredible hot night. My designer friend Stacy (Elsa Fitzgerald) https://www.elsafitzgerald.com/ borrowed some dresses from Retropolitan, Ellicott City, Maryland. Playing in low light and minimal fill flash.

Spring At The Pagoda

It’s been really nice here in Baltimore Maryland so far this spring, and there are cherry blossoms everywhere. I have been trying to get a nice image of the Patterson Park Pagoda. I finally got my chance. I try not to just get a “picture” but something more worthy of being called art. I had another photoshoot so I had all my gear and after that took a drive to the park.

Here are the two of my favorites, the color is with my Nikon Z6 and the B/W is with my paper camera.

Still Playing With The Paper Camera

Took this one in Old Ellicott City, MD

I have decided that I real enjoy the black and white setting. This reminds me of the old Holga film cameras made of plastic. No edit on this just cropped – I think I’d like to make the contrast higher and edit out the electric line in the upper right.

Last Concert

One of the last concerts I shot in The USA before the pandemic kicked in. Crack The Sky ,with a string section. Baltimore Md Playing with my Nikon Z6 – view from the stage