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Model and friend Rachel in Old Frederick, Maryland. The image was taken in the last few minutes of evening golden hour – last October. I used just natural light with my Nikon D800 and a 70-200mm lens. Rachel and I shoot together just for the fun of it – the experiment this time was for Rachel was reciting poetry. WE got some wonderful images. I’ll post more sometime soon.


Once again flashing back to the concert photography days, in hopes that slowly but surely will come back. This was an intimate concert with Ruut https://www.ruutdemeo.com/music a few years ago (2019). I don’t recall posting these before, but I hope you enjoy them. Nestled in the woods at an amazing cozy venue called Thorpwood. https://thorpewood.org/baltimore-wedding-experience-show/

Urban Sunflowers

Shot a few years back with my Fuiji – I just love the energy.


Had a fun evening a dew summers ago running around Mt Vernon, Baltimore on an incredible hot night. My designer friend Stacy (Elsa Fitzgerald) https://www.elsafitzgerald.com/ borrowed some dresses from Retropolitan, Ellicott City, Maryland. Playing in low light and minimal fill flash.

Spring At The Pagoda

It’s been really nice here in Baltimore Maryland so far this spring, and there are cherry blossoms everywhere. I have been trying to get a nice image of the Patterson Park Pagoda. I finally got my chance. I try not to just get a “picture” but something more worthy of being called art. I had another photoshoot so I had all my gear and after that took a drive to the park.

Here are the two of my favorites, the color is with my Nikon Z6 and the B/W is with my paper camera.

Still Playing With The Paper Camera

Took this one in Old Ellicott City, MD

I have decided that I real enjoy the black and white setting. This reminds me of the old Holga film cameras made of plastic. No edit on this just cropped – I think I’d like to make the contrast higher and edit out the electric line in the upper right.

Last Concert

One of the last concerts I shot in The USA before the pandemic kicked in. Crack The Sky ,with a string section. Baltimore Md Playing with my Nikon Z6 – view from the stage

Paper Shoot

A few weeks ago a colleague of mine got a paper camera from https://papershootcamera.com/pages/pre-order a Canadian Company. So I decided to check one out. I got my camera in the mail a few days ago.

“The Paper Shoot Camera was invented in 2013 in Taiwan by the incredible inventor George Lin. His innovative take on the digital camera provides an eco-friendly camera option. These revolutionary digital cameras take photos like a film camera, giving you that film aesthetic without having to go through the trouble of developing it. You can simply upload all your images to your computer, for easy access!” This is a direct quote from their website.

I made one silly mistake on my first try, I used a sd card formatted for another camera, and the images I thought I was recording didn’t get saved. All you need is a card and 2 AA batteries.

This image was shot in the newsroom last night. I must say I’m pretty impressed. For a camera made out of paper with a circuit board.

Here ae the specs: Focus is set at 22mm Aperture of f2.0 and a JPG resolution of 13 mega pixels (4224×3136. It also shoots video in MOV format.

I love this little eco friendly camera and it is going to reside in my car.

I Miss Travel

Shot while in Peru, with my Nikon D800 and made B/W in photoshop. For those that don’t know, never use the B/W menu setting, you loose crucial information. Photographed at Iglesia Virgen Milagrosa church in Lima.

I haven’t been able to travel in over a year, my last destination was Cuba. Traveling is not just work or a vacation for me, but rather a lifestyle. Finding places were tourists don’t usually go, waiting for the right time and location to make memorable images.

Newley Released Magazine Images

Both Magazines released In February 2021

The first is Ally as X-23 (The Female Wolverine) for Creative Cosplays Magazine https://www.creativecosplays.com/. The second is Megan wearing designer Arturo Saavedra for Rebel Magazine https://www.instagram.com/rebel.mag/?hl=en